Most people have heard that black mold is dangerous to our health. No only do we want to keep our home environment healthy, we don’t want the unsightly dark spots on our walls, ceiling, showers, or air vents. But what does “toxic” black mold look like and how does it differ from mildew? Appearance Mold … read more »

Source:  Source Water Contaminants classified by USGS Contaminant Sources to groundwater Potential health and other effects Aluminum Occurs naturally in some rocks and drainage from mines. Can precipitate out of water after treatment, causing increased turbidity or discolored water. Antimony Enters environment from natural weathering, industrial production, municipal waste disposal, and manufacturing of flame retardants, … read more »

Home Mold Prevention

Most homeowners want to save money however they can, so they gnash their teeth that the thought of dropping a few hundred dollars on a home humidity control kit. The truth, however, is that home mold prevention equipment can actually save you money by preventing mold outbreaks, protecting your wooden floors and furniture, and safeguarding … read more »

Home Dampness Prevention

If you’re like most homeowners, then you don’t want to blow money on an appliance that you don’t need. High-end humidity control kits can cost several hundred dollars, but are they really worth the investment? Many people purchase home dampness prevention units out of necessity – for example, they may need this equipment to prevent … read more »

Indoor Air Quality Improvement

Most homeowners are reluctant to purchase a dehumidifier until it is absolutely necessary. However, many are surprised to learn that they can actually save money in the long-run by installing a home dampness prevention kit. It’s no secret that high humidity levels can make your living space uncomfortable. And if there are people in your … read more »

Home Mold Prevention

If you’re reading this article, then you’ve probably decided to purchase a home mold prevention kit. But before you gnash your teeth at the potential cost of a home humidity control unit, keep in mind that a high-quality dehumidifier can actually save you money in the long-run. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, a humid … read more »

Black Mold Test

High humidity levels can make your home a breeding ground for mold. Not only can mold cause structural damage to your property, but it can also contribute to life-threatening health complications. Eye irritation, respiratory illnesses, allergic reactions – these are just a few of the adverse side effects of a mold outbreak. One of the … read more »