Our Process:
1. Air Sample Testing

With industry-standard equipment, our team can perform room-to-room inspections to measure just how far the mold is spreading. This allows us to precisely locate and isolate each area where spores are present.

2. Moisture Inspection:

Mold almost always comes with a number of other issues, namely moisture and water damage. Part of our inspection process includes a thorough moisture inspection that identifies what areas are damp, how much moisture is present and what the causes are.
3. Review of Findings and Estimate:

After performing an on-site inspection of the mold and moisture, we will analyze our findings to determine the best course of action. We will review every step involved and then give you a recommended scope of work .

4. Mold Cleanup and Containment:

Based on the analysis of the information received from air tests and moisture inspections, You’ll hire a Third party to conduct remediation, cleaning and repairs.

5. Post-remediation Review air sample testing to verify effectiveness of cleaning:

Making sure all mold is thoroughly eliminated often requires a follow-up inspection. Lingering spores commonly cause regrowth throughout the building. Post-remediation ensures the problem has been addressed entirely.


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