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Many business- and homeowners underestimate the destructive power of black mold (Stachybotrys). In addition to causing property damage, toxic black mold can contribute to life-threatening health complications.

The mycotoxins within black mold can spread throughout a home or business via the HVAC system. They enter the body through the skin or inhalation, wreaking havoc on the cardiovascular, respiratory, reproductive and neurological systems. Prolonged exposure can be fatal.

If you have seen or suspect black mold growth in your home or business, contact National Indoor Environmental Testing. A black mold removal expert will arrive promptly and conduct a thorough inspection.

Do not trust a low-cost, inexperienced technician with black mold remediation. At NIET, we use industry-standard techniques and equipment, such as moisture meters and fiber optics, to find all mold sites. We will remove them promptly and address the root cause of the problem. Schedule a black mold test today by calling 855-349-2356.

Black Mold Removal Is NOT a Do-It-Yourself Job

Black Mold Testing, Remediation, Removal, InspectionMost home- and business owners are operating on tight budgets. You may be tempted to cut costs by removing black mold without professional help, but this is never a good idea.

Disturbing a mold site can cause spores to release into the air. They can travel through your HVAC system, land in other rooms and start new growth sites.

Black mold’s mycotoxins are so deadly that they have been used in biological weapons. Just standing next to an outbreak is enough to cause severe health complications.

Instead of taking the risk, contact the experts at National Indoor Environmental Testing. We will do the job right the first time and take steps to prevent future outbreaks.

Where Does Black Mold Grow?

Black mold requires at least one week to colonize, which is longer than most mold strains. As a result, it tends to grow in undisturbed areas such as basements, behind walls and on rooftops.

Black mold is particularly common after water damage. The excess moisture sets the foundation for growth because Stachybotrys thrives in warm, humid environments. However, black mold does not need a significant amount of water to grow; high humidity levels may be enough to cause an outbreak.

If your building has recently suffered water damage, black mold should be your main concern. Even if you removed the water, there may be enough moisture to allow black mold to grow. This is why dehumidification is often part of the mold remediation process.

Has Black Mold Invaded Your Home or Business?

Most property owners do not know they have black mold growth until they see the outbreak. Black mold is greenish-black in color with a slimy layer on top. If the moisture source has dried, the growth site may appear gray. However, this does not mean that the mold is harmless; in fact, dry black mold is more likely to release spores into the air, which can cause outbreaks to form in other parts of the building.

If you do not see the mold growth, you should be concerned if somebody complains about persistent allergies. Temporary exposure to mycotoxins can cause flu-like symptoms such as itchy eyes, runny nose and a swollen throat. If these do not dissipate, then black mold may be the cause.

Some property owners identify mold growth by its telltale smell. Black mold emanates a musty older that is similar to old gym socks. Do not mistake this scent as a typical basement smell. If you notice an abnormal odor – especially if you suffered water damage in the last 30 days – schedule mold testing immediately.

Health Risks Associated with Black Mold

Black mold is one of the world’s most infamous mold strains because it is so harmful to human health. Prolonged exposure can be fatal. The mycotoxins in black mold can cause:

  • Coughing;
  • Sneezing;
  • Internal bleeding;
  • Blurry vision;
  • Heart palpitations;
  • Vomiting blood;
  • And nausea.

People with weak immune systems, such as infants and the elderly, are at a high risk of suffering the adverse health effects of black mold. Pregnant women should never enter a building with a black mold growth because mycotoxin poisoning can cause birth defects.

Contact NIET for Black Mold Testing & Removal

If you suspect mold growth in your home or business, contact NIET immediately. A mold removal expert from National Indoor Environmental Testing will arrive promptly, locate all growth sites and remove them as quickly as possible. Call 855-349-2356 to schedule an inspection.