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If you have recently discovered mold in your home you need a professional, mold remediation service to get rid of it. Contact National Indoor Environmental Testing today.

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Don’t let mold ruin your home and make it unhealthy for your family. National Indoor Environmental Testing services can help you determine if there is dangerous mold in your home.

What is Mold

Mold (or mould) is a term used to refer to fungi that grow in the form of multicellular thread-like structures called hyphae. Molds are organisms which are neither plant nor animal. They are part of the fungi kingdom.

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Call NIET for Black Mold Inspection 

Has black mold invaded your home or business? The mold removal experts at National Indoor Environmental Testing are available 24/7 to provide prompt mold inspection and remediation.

Mold removal is not a project you can put off until tomorrow. Black mold releases harmful mycotoxins that can enter your body through the skin or inhalation. Prolonged exposure can cause permanent – and sometimes fatal – health complications.

At NIET, we use specialized equipment to find all growth sites, remove them and prevent future outbreaks. The sooner you contact our mold removal team, the faster we can make your property safe and mold-free. Schedule an inspection today by calling 855-349-2356.

How to Identify Toxic Black Mold

Mold Inspection, Remediation & RemovalAs its name implies, black mold is blackish-green in color. Active sites have slimy top layers, but if the moisture source has dried, the outbreak may appear arid and gray. However, this does not mean that the mold is harmless. It can still release spores into the air, which can travel through the HVAC system, cause new outbreaks and threaten the health of your family or customers.

Black mold often grows after water damage. If your building has recently suffered a flood, or if a pipe has burst behind a wall, then black mold should be your primary concern. Even if you remove the water, there may be enough moisture to cause an outbreak.

Black mold is particularly common in basements, on rooftops and behind walls. Unlike other mold strains, black mold needs at least seven days to colonize, so it tends to grow in out-of-the-way places. Unfortunately, many home- and business owners do not suspect mold growth until several weeks or even months after the initial colonization.

Prolonged exposure to black mold’s mycotoxins can cause birth defects, coma, internal bleeding and a long list of other health complications. If somebody complains about persistent allergy or flu-like symptoms, or if you notice a musty smell after recent water damage, call NIET immediately to schedule a black mold inspection.

Black Mold: Nature’s Silent Killer

Black mold is extremely harmful to human health, which is one reason why it is the world’s most infamous mold strain. In fact, mycotoxins have been used in chemical warfare.

You do not have to come in direct contact with black mold to suffer mycotoxin poisoning. Just standing near an outbreak can cause severe health symptoms, such as:

  • Cognitive decline;
  • Heart inflammation;
  • Fatigue;
  • Joint pain;
  • Chest pain;
  • Fever;
  • Hair loss;
  • And diarrhea.

This is not a complete list. The elderly and infants are at a particularly high risk of mycotoxin poisoning due to their weak immune systems. Because mycotoxins can cause birth defects, pregnant women should never enter a building with black mold growth.

What to Do If You Suspect Black Mold Growth

If you see black mold in your home or business, stay away. Get everyone out of the building as soon as possible, and schedule an immediate mold inspection.

If you suspect black mold but you have not seen it, do not look for the growth site. The adverse health effects of mycotoxin exposure are too serious to take the risk. Contact National Indoor Environmental Testing to schedule a black mold test.

Black Mold Removal Is NEVER a Do-It-Yourself Project

As a business- or homeowner, you probably operate on a tight budget. Although you may want to save money by removing the mold without professional help, this is never a good idea – especially in the case of black mold.

In addition to the possibility of mycotoxin poisoning, disturbing a growth site may cause spores to release into the air. They can travel throughout your building via the air ducts, which can cause outbreaks in other rooms. If you do not remove every growth site, then the problem will persist and continue causing structural damage and health complications.

Do not take the risk. Contact the pros from National Indoor Environmental Testing. Our team uses moisture meters, fiber optics and dehumidifiers to provide thorough mold remediation.

Contact NIET for Black Mold Inspection & Removal

You should never trust black mold removal to an inexperienced, low-cost contractor. A mold removal expert from NIET will customize a remediation plan, identify the root cause of the mold growth, and take steps to prevent future outbreaks. Schedule a mold inspection today by calling 855-349-2356.